Melancholy Personality – Green Urchin

The blue personality blazon is absolutely the a lot of agnostic and bourgeois of the four personality types. If your personality is acutely different, it is important not alone to accept yourself, but aswell to accept the added being to accept added all-embracing cooperation in your circadian communications.

The Green Urchin is acclimated to betoken the blue personality because of the cautious, abstruse nature. This being usually moves at a slower pace, and is aberrant if communicating.

Melancholy personality types tend to be the pessimists of the world. They are agnostic by nature, which is why they analysis and assay everything. They aswell accomplish appearing acceptable choices in life.

The Green Urchin is consistent, organized, and practical. They are not big accident takers. If something does not accomplish faculty to them, it is accounted illogical, like Dr. Spock acclimated to say.

Melancholy personality types move at a slower pace, and they do not arise out and say what is on their minds. They would rather yield their time and assay everything, and amount out the appropriate way to enunciate what they are thinking.

Common Strengths

· Organized

· Acceptable accommodation makers

· Cautious

· Abysmal and thoughtful

· Great planners and organizers

· Sets top standards

· Harder worker

· Idealistic

· Considerate and respectful

· Constant and assiduous already they accomplish to something­­­

Common Weaknesses

· Critical

· Judgmental

· Not adaptable, doesn’t like change

· Insecurity

· Tends to abatement into abysmal depression

· Pessimistic

· Agnostic and suspicious

· Negative

· Unforgiving and resentful

· Introverted

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

You absolutely wish a Green Urchin on your team. You can be abiding that all apart ends will be tied. Blue personality types are harder workers and actual dependable if it comes to commutual tasks.

On the aphotic side, if a ­melancholy personality ­feels wronged by the evils of association in some way, abysmal abasement may occur. A able-bodied anticipation out, methodical plan may be devised, which could potentially advance to ample massacres, or a continued cord of consecutive killings.

How to Recognize

­Melancholy personality types tend to dress actual conservatively. They usually airing and allocution at a slower pace. They may be spotted continuing abroad from a crowd, carefully celebratory the situation.


When administering business with Green Urchins, present all of the facts and details, and don’t arise rushed. You can apprehend a lot of questions, but do not sit there and acknowledgment questions all day. Just acknowledgment a brace of questions for them and point them to the websites and/or assets so that they can do their own research.

If everybody was had an acute ­melancholy personality they would assay aggregate until they were paralyzed, aggravating to ability perfection. Fortunately a lot of humans accept a alloy of the four personality types.